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Six steps golf manufacturers can take to help protect consumers this holiday season

Posted by Beckie Lombardi on Nov 29, 2018 10:19:07 AM

‘Tis the season to start holiday shopping. For many, that means it is time to start looking for presents for friends and family. In many cases, that includes a trip online to look for good deals on golfing equipment. Unfortunately, while that club for Uncle Rico might look like a screaming deal, what you order (and pay for) and what they ultimately get can potentially be two very, very different things.

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AppDetex Attends the 20th Annual Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Summit

Posted by Beckie Lombardi on Feb 7, 2018 9:36:31 AM

Last week, AppDetex participated in the Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Summit in San Francisco. The annual event is in its 20th year. And while the round-table discussions and lectures covered a wide variety of topics, the  focus was on the future of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection efforts across the globe. Below is a quick overview.

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Ringing in a Record Holiday Season

Posted by Beckie Lombardi on Nov 27, 2017 12:28:20 PM

We survived the Black Friday weekend, and as we pick through the rubble of door buster deals and record breaking online sales, it’s clear this is a year for the record books.

A report from Adobe indicates that online shopping reached $5.03 billion with a record $2.87 billion of that coming in on Black Friday. More than one-third (36.9%) of all sales were made online this year with 44.6% made via smartphones and apps.

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Is Your Mobile App Ready for Cyber Monday?

Posted by Beckie Lombardi on Nov 14, 2017 9:58:56 AM

It’s the most wonderful time of year…for online retailers.  We plowed through the biggest Halloween on record yet ($9.1 billion dollars) and are screaming down the pipeline towards two of the year’s biggest consumer days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While the brick and mortar stores still rule Black Friday, Cyber Monday has quickly grown to become a financial juggernaut for brand holders with an online presence.

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Infographic: Top 10 Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Posted by Beckie Lombardi on Aug 21, 2017 1:27:17 PM

The online marketplace continues to grow as more vendors are placing products both in brick-and-mortar stores as well as in e-commerce marketplaces.  Online sales make up 8.8% of all retail spending, a number that is expected to increase exponentially.  Unfortunately, that also means that the number of less than honest vendors may also increase, and with them, their stock of counterfeit and knock-off products.

As a brand-holder, help keep your consumers educated in the digital world and share our top-10 tips for safe online shopping.

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