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IACC 2018 Wrap-Up

Posted by Michael Krause on May 29, 2018 1:16:01 PM

We're heading into conference season and just wrapped up two whirlwind weeks in Seattle starting with IACC 2018.  The conference, a three-day event that combines cutting edge IP information and brand protection technology with top industry leaders, is always at the top of our "must attend" list.  Michael Krause, Head of Global Customer Success at AppDetex, was there.

 Michael’s recap of the event follows:

This was my second opportunity to attend the annual IACC event. I enjoy and appreciate the hands-on approach IACC takes with their conference.  One of the things that really makes IACC stand out in my mind is the fact that they're not just thought leaders in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting, but they also take that fight directly to over 80 brand holders and law enforcement agencies through education and training programs. 

Of course, this dedication to taking the fight to the front lines makes sense when you learn that Bob Barchiesi, IACC President, is an ex-NYPD Narcotics Officer.  He's provided strong leadership for the IACC for the past 10 years, helping to dramatically grow the organization both in size and reputation. 

I was lucky to meet Bob in the Fall of 2017 at an event in Marina Del Rey, Ca.  As the son of a CHP Motorcycle Officer, I instantly felt a connection; there’s just something very unique about a seasoned police officer. Whatever that is, Bob has it! 

Dawn Buonocore Atlas, IACC Chair and Vice President Enforcement and Assistant General Counsel for Calvin Klein, Inc. kicked off the day.  Dawn recognized the amazing workers both from the member side as well as conference leadership and board members. At the end, she had a surprise recognition via unanimous agreement of the Board for Bob Barchiesi's ten years of service and sacrifice.

Bob with his very notable NYC accent has garnered respect and loyalty. His team has his back and it was visible when they joined him on stage in honor of his recognition. When Bob spoke minutes later, he reiterated on who the counterfeiter is (the bad guys) and how counterfeit causes injury and, in extreme cases, death. He commented on the loss of jobs, the impact to the global economy and the negative impact to innovation around the world.

His passion was electrifying; you could not hear him speak and not want to throw in with him in the war against counterfeiters.

This is what makes IACC unique when compared with others in the brand protection industry. The IACC represents global brands and also work with thousands of blue collar defenders at ports and major cities, training and empowering them to identify counterfeits in their everyday work.

This was IACC's largest attended conference yet, at just around 500 attendees. The secret is out, IACC is making a difference and we at AppDetex are glad to participate.

To see how AppDetex is utilizing what we've learned at IACC and applying it to our own brand protection philosophy, schedule a conversation with one of our AppDetex team members today!

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