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AppDetex at IACC 2018 - Orlando

Posted by Michael Krause on Oct 25, 2018 12:23:26 PM

Last week, AppDetex attended the IACC conference in Orlando, Florida. With an emphasis on Latin America and the ongoing challenge of brand protection across the globe, the conference highlighted not only the issues associated with the distribution of counterfeit products across South America but also many of the ongoing challenges of border jurisdiction as well as solid IP law and policy.

Sitting at my table with a translation unit and headphones on was such an incredible experience. Hearing first hand, the growth and maturity of these nations and the power of teaming and coordination played out audibly as speakers addressed the Summit in their native languages.

There was an overwhelming sense of unification as the collected Latin American countries of Central and South America came together to share big wins in both product seizures and also policy and IP law reform.

With greater unity and communications, the bordering countries are working together to disrupt the transport and manufacturing of counterfeit goods. During a session on Columbia, it was shared that even in the midst of typical stereotyping of their country, great strides have been made in IP law with legal reform turning the tide in favor of brand owners.

While focused on brand protection, we at AppDetex are also aware of these ever encouraging strides by our Latin American neighbors. Increasing our relationship and understanding major platforms like Mercadolibre is a critical step in serving alongside our brand partners.

Understanding the larger, global picture is critical. As  technology providers, it is possible to lose sight of the local, on the ground efforts, and processes taking place. Knowing the greater stage that counterfeit plays out on empowers the technology providers to  more creatively build digital forensics into their solutions. Latin America is an ever evolving and exciting market in the global sphere. This additional perspective and broader world view allows for a more supportive digital forensic potential for our brand partners, local courts and border authorities. Teaming with the broader anti-counterfeit community is also key. Together, we paint a comprehensive landscape to reduce the negative impact of organized counterfeit crime.

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